THE statistics published today on child poverty make sobering reading.

Dorset may not have the problems of places like the London borough of Tower Hamlets or Manchester, but the county, generally regarded as affluent, has plenty to deal with when it comes to this issue. Take Bournemouth for example, where the figures from the Campaign to End Child Poverty show more than 6,000 youngsters live below the official poverty line. There are huge variations even within the borough, where Kinson South comes in at a huge 33 per cent while Littledown and Iford ward has eight per cent of children in the category. The evidence from local foodbanks in recent months clearly shows how desperate the position is for a large and growing number of families.

As we already know and as this survey clearly shows, many people are having to make appalling choices in 21st century Britain.

For instance, to eat or to stay warm.