IT hasn’t been a bed of roses and you couldn’t call it a love affair.

So it was hardly surprising that work on demolishing “Britain’s most hated building” would start tomorrow and not today, Valentine’s Day.

Many of our readers will be thrilled when this key event – the tearing down of Bournemouth’s Waterfront Imax building – starts in the morning.

On Friday council leader Cllr John Beesley will see the first piece of glass smashed on the atrium. It will be a symbolic blow.

So that should be the end of the matter. With the Imax gone, sea views opened up and a new outdoor events space to look forward to we should all be ready to move on.

The problem is that the site is so prominent that no matter what you put there or not, there will be moans and groans. What’s the betting that ‘Imax2’ in a different guise is just around the corner?