REMEMBER all the concern about the planned rebuild of the worn-out A338 Spur Road in 2010?

A lot of money was spent on preparatory work, clearing trees and moving reptiles. A lot of people were delayed by the resulting traffic queues. Even Jeremy Clarkson weighed into the debate about the hold-ups.

But just as everyone was braced for the major work, it was all put on hold.

There was a change of government, all major capital spending was reviewed, and before long the scheme seemed to have been deferred indefinitely.

Now there is a chance that £22million could be made available after all.

Anyone who’s driven along the Spur Road can see the ropey surface and the faded road markings. Running repairs could cost £1m a year.

While none of us welcomes traffic congestion, this is one roads scheme that surely needs to go ahead.

The work generated for contactors would be no bad thing either.