FREEZING temperatures may well be on their way back to Dorset.

For most of us that will mean wrapping up warm when we go out and then returning to a centrally-heated home.

But for a number of others, that won’t be an option. The homeless, who wander our streets, will have to find shelter where they can for the night.

And some of them are ill-equipped to do so without winter clothes or blankets.

Today we have reported on a 42-year-old homeless man who died in a church doorway in the centre of Bournemouth as temperatures plummeted.

He was found wearing a light anorak and jeans and he had no blanket.

Yesterday we ran a story on St Paul’s Hostel, a homeless shelter in Bournemouth, being over-subscribed every night. The fear is that unless action is taken to address the problem this may not be an isolated incident.