IT is all too fitting that the Sony Centres in Bournemouth and Poole have closed in the same week that the world’s biggest internet retailer announced soaring pre-Christmas sales.

All too many people must have been visiting these shops, trying out the TVs and stereos, and then ordering online.

The same habit has contributed to the troubles of Jessops, Comet and HMV.

The internet can offer all kind of advantages to the shopper, including greater convenience and, of course, cheaper prices. But we should all think twice about the future we’re creating.

Do we really want a world where we can’t hear a stereo or watch a TV and compare it with the alternative models before buying? The way retailing is going, that could become a reality.

In fact, if the internet is allowed to kill the high street, Amazon may one day have to open little local outlets where people can try the merchandise.

They could call them shops.