THE wintry weather is set to continue in Dorset for the next few days.

A few of us will still be able to go out and enjoy what is left of the snow.

Others will just go out and enjoy a bracing walk, despite the freezing temperatures.

But there are a number of people who find it difficult to get out and about and fear the cold snap.

Angela Dennett, a disabled pensioner who suffers from a severe form of arthritis, had no heating or hot water for 10 weeks.

Imagine that.

Sitting, wrapped in blankets, huddled next to two convector heaters and keeping your gas oven on to keep warm.

Fortunately we took up Mrs Dennett’s story and her problem was resolved at the weekend.

It’s nice to report on a happy ending.

And let’s hope we are all looking out for pensioners who may be struggling in the icy conditions.