BURGLARS may think any target is fair game. Whether that person in that property is rich or poor it may not matter to them, as long as they get what they are looking for.

They may also not be concerned if the building broken into is involved with charitable works and needs every penny to help the needy. But they should be.

Raiders have broken into the Salvation Army premises in Lymington Road, Highcliffe, and taken the safe. It is believed £500 was in there.

That’s money that would give aid to quite a few people who find themselves in dire circumstances.
As Boscombe Salvation Army stalwart Phil Carey said: “Everything earned in our charity shops goes towards helping the poor and needy. This was a terrible thing to do.”

The burglars who carried out this despicable act need to realise they stole more than money here. They also stole someone’s hopes.