WE are a nation of animal lovers.

Most people care for their pets and think the world of them.

No matter what the expense, they will shell out to keep their pet healthy. However there a few who do not share that opinion.

Two cats were found dumped in the downstairs parking area at Bournemouth’s Castlepoint Shopping Centre on Friday lunchtime.

They were left in a cat carrier which had part of its door broken.

It doesn’t take too much imagination to realise these cats had a lucky escape. Thankfully, these cats – nicknamed Marcia and Spencer – were found pretty quickly.

And now the RSPCA is trying to find out who their owners are.

It’s a depressing reality that every year, at this time of year, we report on pets being dumped.

Let’s hope, like all animal charities which do such sterling work, that there are no more occurrences in our area.