ONE of the films you probably didn’t catch over the Christmas period was ‘Too Big to Fail.’

This wasn’t one of your usual festive blockbusters but it had me gripped from beginning to end at 00.40 hours on Christmas morning.

It is the story of the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008 and the financial tsunami that came in its wake.

Though the system has stabilised since then, there are still huge issues to be resolved and one was the subject of a conference at a hotel in Bournemouth last week.

Small business are keeping up the pressure their campaign for justice from banks accused of misselling complicated derivatives, the same type of product that triggered the events in Wall Street.

Hundreds of businesses have joined the campaign, supported by local politicians.

The process is painfully slow and as the chairman of Bully-Banks says, another example of the enduring hold of the banks over the man and woman in the street.