COUNCILS are often criticised for not doing enough to help the local economy.

There are those that feel local authorities are looking at ways of raising revenue rather than investing and boosting business.

So a pat on the back to Bournemouth council which is set to put in much-needed money for a scheme it believes in.

The council is likely to invest a total of £2m – that’s £1m plus £1m in land value – towards getting 64 flats and commercial units built on the Leyton Mount car park.

Morgan Sindall is set to put in a further £2m as part of a partnership deal and a further £4m loan - interest-free- from the Coalition Government’s Get Britain Building fund means there’s £8m in the kitty.

This is all subject to cabinet approval at Wednesday's meeting.

But the alternative is procrastinating, potentially losing the £4m loan and ending up with nothing.

That’s not a viable idea.