AS publicity coups go, it wasn’t a bad one.

A top celebrity checks into your hotel for a good night’s sleep after a performance at a local theatre.

A photographer is on hand to capture the moment.

The added bonus is that the celebrity in question is the public face of a budget hotel company’s national advertising campaign.

So it is that Lenny Henry ends up in the Daily Echo today after a night at the Captains Club in Christchurch.

In a nice touch, the four-star hotel says it can’t confirm the star of TV and stage was a guest, but acknowledges he’s been snapped there.

None of us I am sure, believe that Twiggy gets all her clothes from Marks and Sparks or that Kerry Katona got all her food from Iceland.

So why should Mr H spend all his time away from home in a Premier Inn, even if it is only £29 a night? After all, a change is as good as a rest.