RAY Tutton has been described as “the nicest man ever”.

Unfortunately most of us will never have the privilege of knowing Ray. He lost his life in the early hours of Christmas Eve last year, on the crossing outside Poole’s Branksome Railway pub.

His widow Liz has signed up to a safety campaign by the charity Brake.

The campaign, Go 20, is a bold one. It wants 20mph limits in built-up areas and for drivers to stick to 20 in such places, even when the limit is higher.

Ray himself was the victim of very blatant speeding – a driver doing around 50mph in a dash to a casino.

But as Liz makes clear, speeding is never OK. Even if it’s only a few miles per hour over the limit, even if it’s dark and the roads are empty – any speeding increases the chance that you will be responsible for a tragedy.

It is not worth the risk that you might deprive the world of another life like Ray’s.