YOU have to hand it to Kili Moorthy.

The 24-year-old shopworker was standing in for his cousin when he was attacked by a man wearing a balaclava and wielding a needle early on Monday morning.

In such circumstances most people would hand the raider whatever he demanded.

But not Kili.

He chased the would-be robber out of the shop- Poole Convenience Store in the High Street – with just a bottle of Toilet Duck bleach.

Kili says there was no money in the till, but the raider didn’t know that.

And Kili didn’t know how the attacker would react to his brave move either.

It’s reassuring to hear that people like Kili won’t let criminals get away with robbery.

And hopefully Echo readers will now do their bit, recognise the description of the raider and report it to the police so that justice can be truly done.