ON THE evening of the November 24 I attended the late-night shopping event in Pokesdown and I have to put on the record what an enjoyable evening it was.

With shops opening late and so many people buying and viewing it was encouraging to see that this area is discovering its identity and being known as ‘the Vintage Quarter’.

For so long Pokesdown has been the bridesmaid in community relations, never being able to catch the bouquet from the bride, Boscombe. But the November 24 event epitomised the local people, businesses and supporters of the area.

It is not until you get on foot that you discover Pokesdown and it is through this that local people have become one and taken control of raising the awareness of the area.

Lessons can be learnt through this in how local communities organise themselves with minimal influence and assistance from the local authority, which seems to bask in red tape.

It’s a Proud Pokesdown, full of optimism and hope and desire to build on the history that was once forgotten but has since been rekindled. Special thanks to Mr and Mrs Read for allowing their premises to be a hub for the night’s activities and those business owners who remained opened and supported the event.

NIGEL GILLESPIE, Ascham Road, Bournemouth