I AM writing to complain about the condition of the car park stairwells in Poole town centre, in particular the car park adjacent to Falkland Square.

The stairwells are an absolute disgrace.

On my last three visits to Poole there have been pools of urine, discarded soiled clothes, soiled mattresses, drug paraphernalia and soiled tissues.

On one particular visit whilst with my children the stairwells were impassable due to rough sleepers across the landings and the filth everywhere you walked.

Whilst I am sympathetic to the plight of most rough sleepers what I can't understand is the way some treat the areas in which they shelter. It is unacceptable to expect the public using this car park to encounter this level of unsanitary conditions.

If you were a visitor to the area and used this car park this would be your first impression of Poole albeit a very unsavoury one.

To me, a simple system of using your parking ticket to swipe in and out of the door to the stairwell therefore preventing rough sleepers from abusing this facility is a viable option.

Having contacted Poole council their response was to refer the problem to St Mungos, who liaise with rough sleepers. There was no suggestion of a solution or mention of a deep clean to the facilities.

Poole as a whole is shabby and it is no wonder when the council don't maintain property and deal with social issues so obviously affecting the town centre.

There used to be stickers for cars stating Poole was a beautiful place. Not any more.

Chris Strudwick

Southlands Avenue, Corfe Mullen, Wimborne