THE photographer whose photograph of the rough sleeper and the people using the ATM machines was published on Nov 3rd, and which, incidentally, looks to me as if it’s posed for, states that it is a sad indictment of the times we live in that the people taking “all this money” out of the cash machines didn’t even give the guy a second look. Why on earth should they?

He also states that everyone was quite happy to take money out of the bank and give him nothing. Does he really believe that all the people using the cash machines should withdraw an extra £5 (I believe that’s the minimum you can get from a cash machine, or it might even be £10) and hand it over to a rough sleeper? He is not their responsibility and why should they part with their hard earned cash to give to a complete stranger who happens to be lying on a bench next to the cash machines?


Symes Road, Poole