I’M fed up with motorists complaining about, even hating cyclists.

My main question is why do other road users hate cyclists so much as exemplified in comments online and in the printed Echo.

I’m not saying cyclists are perfect. I am one and at 67 I’ve done my fair share of stupid things. I’ve even knocked a cyclist off his bike in 2013/4. It was night. He had no lights. He was dressed in black. And he had taken something leaving him ga ga. All confirmed by pedestrians who stopped to help. No damage to him or his bike.

I’m currently recovering from being knocked off my bike by a car. A driver pulled out in bright daylight while I was on the main road. I went over the bonnet writing off my road bike along with my shoulder and ribs. This was five months ago and only effective pain relief are opiates even now. Two years ago I was wing mirrored at 50 mph by car coming up on my inside! Bike and clothing has come to £2,500. Fortuitously I stayed upright! Just destroyed brand new pair of cycling mitts that weren't even 24 hours old.

I have just spent nearly £300 on front and rear vidcam for my bike. It’s taken months to get over the fear of riding and evening crossing the road on foot and the worst of the pain. I’m still struggling with the pain.

I do not own a car so it’s bus, foot or bike for me to get around town. I thus have a very low carbon footprint and RTA aside I remain remarkably fit and healthy. This allows me to avoid GPs etc.

Personally I think motorists etc should wake up to the most important fact. I am, along with other pedal and motor cyclists and pedestrians more vulnerable than they are even when either of us do something stupid. So please stop giving me the finger, complaining about me observing the Highway Code when I avoid riding in the gutters as tree roots and pot holes that are invariably up to one metre from the kerb. I suggest that trying to wing mirror me is not funny either. I know your beloved car might get a scratch or a dent in an accident. However, I’m more likely to be in the ambulance or even worse, the hearse.


Sea Road, Boscombe