LAST week the Echo reported that 37-39 Oxford Road had remained an undeveloped office site for years and that there had been other problems in the immediate area with unfilled office space.

This is despite the fact it is in the main Bournemouth business centre right near the railway station. According to the Bournemouth Core Strategy 4.1.7, “it is therefore appropriate for future major developments [including offices] to be targeted at the town centre to encourage the use of more sustainable modes of transport...”

Despite the Core Strategy and problems with unfilled office space in central Bournemouth the council have purchased green field and Green Belt land at Wessex Fields to develop office space upon. Other adjacent office development to Wessex Fields is full of office car parking and there is little reason to believe new office development will not have the same as this is clearly a reason office space is taken up there in preference to central Bournemouth.

Thus the council is indirectly promoting car use over “..more sustainable modes of transport...” so it can capitalise on its purchase of green field and Green Belt land at Wessex Fields. They are of course as well wrecking currently tenant agricultural land, which they seek to build offices upon.


Friends of Riverside

South Road, Springbourne