RECENTLY, when walking through Bournemouth Square just before 6pm, I counted 12 young men skateboarding in and out of pedestrians without any apparent concern of the injuries that could have been sustained by their mindless behaviour.

By jumping up and down on their boards the paving is being ruined, so having read of the installation of new paving at the Pier Approach I live in fear that the improvements are going to be 'vandalised' by these skateboarders as indeed is happening at the rear of the Pavilion theatre.

Do these inconsiderate idiots not realise that it is hard-earned council tax payers' money that is being spent on these welcome improvements or is it that as they themselves are not paying anything they couldn't care less?

Someone needs to step in to stop all these skateboarders from ruining the paving throughout our town, be it the council or police. Over to you.

Enough is enough!


West Cliff Road, Bournemouth