REGARDING the article 'A31 work pushed back another year' (Oct 25), no surprise there then. Remember the Spur Road rebuild cancelled for four years after the coalition government withdrew funding? The advanced lizard protection works had just been completed, although not a Highways England (H/E) scheme to be fair.

The reason given by H/E is to ‘avoid clashing with other schemes it is running’. Look on the H/E website at road schemes and you can make your own mind up about ‘clashing’. H/E South West region has 7 schemes listed and South East region around 41 schemes listed. Unfortunately Ringwood just falls into the South East region. Perhaps a quick boundary change may help.

Two of the four ‘aims’ listed on the H/E website, relating to the scheme, are: improvements for pedestrians and cyclists along the A31 footpath and improve safety at the junction of West Street with the A31.

Could not the Castleman trailway be improved, by way of a tarmac footway and some low level lighting, from the car park at the end of Hurn Lane to Riverside near ‘Old Mill House’?

This would give pedestrians an alternative and more pleasant route into Ringwood town centre.

It could also be made wide enough to accommodate an improved cycle route.

This would only take up half of the width leaving other users unhindered.

Is it not also time for Ringwood council to ‘bite the bullet’ and close off West Street at The Fish Inn and put in a turning space as proposed in the H/E scheme? Ask H/E for the money in advance.

In their public consultation document, H/E said they are carrying out a safety review of the current speed limit between the Ringwood and Verwood junctions.

If this has been completed, I’m sure it has, the reduced speed limit to 60 mph will improve safety and could improve traffic flow.

I’m sure Ringwood council would not embarrass H/E by saying ‘we told you so a few years back’.

H/E can say ‘the safety review recommended …….’ And everyone is a winner.


Farm Road, West Moors