THERE is an increasing problem in Bournemouth in respect of drugs and dealing, which has especially been reported in the pages of the Echo in recent months.

There surely must be an answer as to how this might be addressed.

In the same way there is the initiative of 'Community Speed Watch' surely this can also be extended to 'Community Drugs Watch'?

In the Westbourne and West Cliff area there is the Dorset Police initiative to have the the 'eyes and ears' of volunteers to assist with monitoring through 'Speed Watch' the vehicles that speed on local roads and put the safety of people at risk, especially the elderly.

In my capacity as Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator for the West Cliff for the past seven years I am often contacted in respect of drug problems, especially around the area of the West Cliff Green.

The lines of communication are essential in respect of liaison with the Local Police Safer Neighbourhood Team, Parks Department to especially cut back areas where drug activity is happening, and the vigilance of local residents.

A co-ordinating of such groups working together is essential and 'Drugs Watch' in the same way as 'Speed Watch' could be a unified representation of addressing an ever increasing problem in our community.


Durley Gardens, Bournemouth