I APPLAUD your publication's efforts to keep the issue of littering front of mind.

And commend your support for Litter Free Dorset's Bin Your Butts campaign (it's the first time I've heard of it - perhaps you'd tell your readers more).

I corresponded with the council and my local MP in 2015 after being fined by 3GS and discovering that the private company has not only carte blanche to issue fines but also incentive to issue as many as tickets as possible as it retains (I have no update I'm afraid) all monies, and the local courts on hand to enforce their collection.

My concern at the time was how the success of this initiative would be measured. Monies raised by 3GS or the cleanliness of Bournemouth's streets? Clearly this approach has failed as your article on the front page on October 4 confirms.

To my mind the real story is "Council litter strategy failing" rather than "Smokers are terrible anti-social people who can't help themselves from making their own and other people's environments smell foul - even if they know it's disgusting".


Newton Road, Sturminster Marshall