BEING a cyclist, my commute to work is often a nerve-wracking experience. Roads are busy, people are in a hurry, and with the dark winter months now just around the corner, safety is a serious concern.

Recently one morning as I was leaving the Ringwood Road Retail Park, I narrowly avoided a head-on collision.

To my disbelief, a motorist was heading the wrong way into the car park via the exit ramp.

Far from this being an isolated incident, I was amazed to see a further three vehicles make the same manoeuvre. They all drove straight though the car park, bypassing the backed up traffic which often builds up before the Mountbatten Arms Roundabout, and rejoined the queue further along.

I appreciate that time is a precious thing and how people are always in a hurry, but if you are breaking the law and endangering lives, this behaviour is totally unacceptable.

I was left extremely shaken up by this close call and want my fellow cyclists to remember how dangerous the roads can be. Stay safe, expect the unexpected and remain vigilant people!


St Michael’s Road, Bournemouth