WHAT on earth are Bournemouth councillors doing with all our open spaces?

Why do all our assets as a holiday resort have to be sold off?

The car park at Southbourne Crossroads is a relatively small site for modern development and should be left for the benefit of the residents and holidaymakers.

We have a beautiful huge stretch of golden sand in Southbourne and very popular with people who don't want to be crowded round a pier!

Please councillors take time to sit back and think of what you are doing to our town.

Over the years you will come and go, but once our facilities have gone it will be impossible to regain them for future generations.

Please ask yourselves, do you want to encourage people to holiday in our resort in future years or are you trying to make Bournemouth just another town of blocks of flats, shops and restaurants?


Springfield Avenue, Southbourne, Bournemouth