CONGRATULATIONS to Poole for trying to plan a small cinema and restaurant complex that actually looks good and does not over dominate the Dolphin Centre area (Echo, September 12).

We used to go to the Coriander or Ken Hom on Richmond Hill in Bournemouth, before enjoying Borders for culture, Suttons HiFi, MVC for cds and Jessops for cameras followed by Austravel. Then a meal or drink with the most outstanding views on the south coast from the Imax.

Times and tastes change. Imax bulldozing wasted £10 million, whilst it still thrives internationally. We saw the architectually stunning BH2 a month ago. Wow, that shows the futuristic imagination of Bournemouth Council, as it kills off many remaining independent restaurants and retail outlets.

Have their councillors not visited other exciting coastal destinations such as Baltimore, Cardiff and Cardiff Bay or Gunwharf Quays?

In Poole, let us have some innovative independent retail outlets and eateries for this new development. Mobile phone shops in Falkland Square are sensational, but hardly provide the shopping experience that tourists and locals get elsewhere.

May I suggest also free toilets with 24 hours a day access as the bus, coach and train station shamefully lack these. Please throw in an hourly bus along Sopwith Crescent to Poole, as Morebus refuses to provide a travel link. Residents could then travel by bus to reduce congestion, pollution and social isolation - like from all other areas of the conurbation - to enjoy these new developments.

Finally, speed is needed before Bournemouth Council extend their blandness revolution to us all with Mr Beesley leading the new super unitary council!

Can the landmark Haven Hotel be protected before it too is replaced by a BH2 or Benidorm eyesore?!!!


Sopwith Crescent, Merley

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