THE spurious arguments in favour of the Navitus Bay turbine project have emerged yet again, from people who really should know better.

1) It won’t be seen from the shore – actually yes it will, the visible area of the field at over 600 feet high will be 2.8 times higher than the peak of the Isle of Wight and 1.8 times wider than the island. The only time the turbines won’t be visible would be under the occasional sea mist!.

2) It won’t harm tourism – well, the developer (NBDL) in their proposals admitted it will and the cost to the area could be as high as £100m.

3) It won’t harm wildlife or the environment – so why are all the scientific and learned bodies such as UNESCO and The National Trust against the scheme?

4) The energy is necessary to counteract climate change - wind power is the most unpredictable form of sustainable energy; an Ofgem report published just last week concludes that wind activity at a ‘moderate’ level over our winters is likely to need the recommissioning of currently redundant power plants to cope with demand, or “the lights will go out”.

5) It is economic - palpable nonsense as the scheme requires billions of pounds of taxpayers money to make it viable.

It is time that this scheme is recognised for what it is, purely a money making venture with no benefit to anyone other than the shareholders involved.