IN reply to Sandra Fincham (Echo, March 28): Bournemouth council has conducted surveys regarding the wind farm. 86 per cent of local people are opposed to it.

Conor Burns MP surveyed his constituents and found 87 per cent opposed to it.

The windfarm developers surveyed visitors and found 32 per cent would not come to the area during the five years of construction, and 14 per cent would not come once it was complete.

That would destroy the tourist industry which employs 12,000 people in Bournemouth alone. The culprits for imposing their opinions on us are Crown Estates and our government.

Without consultation, Crown Estates decided that it is OK to put the world’s largest wind farm, 59 square miles in area, just nine miles from a World Heritage Site.

Those in government, who mistakenly believe that wind power will make any difference to levels of CO2, decided we should become the victims, paying a French government backed company to experiment on our beautiful coastline, while the same French government stopped a windfarm being built near their World Heritage Site at Mont St Michel.

John Searle, Irving Road, Bournemouth