I AM sorry to bring up the subject of the closure of the toilets in the Jubilee Road car park at Parkstone again, as I know it has been mentioned here many times before.

But today while I was sat in my car in the car park, a young family returned to their car, and of course their little boy needed the toilet, so with no hesitation the mother took him to the bushes, around the edge of the car park, for him to urinate in to them.

I suspect this happens very often now, and with adults as well, so it won’t be long before the whole area starts to smell like a sewer, and probably kill all the bushes as well?

All the closing of the toilets will do is run down the area and we will end up with another degenerated slum.

I don’t think Poole Council have any idea at all about the welfare of the community it is supposed to serve.

It’s all very well closing toilets, but how do they stop people needing to go to the toilet?

Instead of wasting thousands of pounds on new traffic lights on Ashley Road (which incidentally, do not seem to have made any improvement to the traffic at all) it would have been far better to have used some of that money to knock down the old toilet block and build a brand new public facility with mod cons.

Now that would have been a real public convenience for us all to use and be proud of.

DEREK FELL, Maureen Close, Poole