AS someone born and bred in Bournemouth and appreciative of such a lovely area in which to live, I become increasingly concerned at the continuing impasse over the future of Throop Mill.

I have written to you previously in the hope that the owners, Heygates, might be willing to sell the Mill or, at least carry out some substantial repair and refurbishment, to such a historic property.

However, over the years, it has become apparent that Heygates are unwilling to engage in any definite and serious discussion on the Mills’s future.

I know countless other residents and beyond share my concerns and frustrations, and Bournemouth Borough Council is clearly the authority to represent our interests.

I realise, of course, that the council does not have any funds available with which to consider purchasing the Mill, but I believe a proactive step would be for council officers to enquire of Heygates if they would be willing to discuss granting a long lease.

If the council were then to seek public support I am certain funds would be forthcoming for the purchase, especially if it proved possible to establish a charity for the purpose for the public good.

If the mill could be established as a visitor centre, I am sure it would attract huge interest and support from residents and beyond and therefore would add substantially to the environment and the attractions of this beautiful town.

M NEVILLE, Court Road, Bournemouth