ON Saturday I went to a consultation with local residents in Bournemouth to discuss with Navitus Bay Developers building a wind farm offshore.

I realised I was one of about five people under the age of 30 and the other 500 or so people were over the age of 50.

Most looked to me to be in their 60s. The room completely failed to represent my generation, which was a huge disappointment.

Ninety per cent of the room was, to my horror, opposed to investing in renewable energy in the form of this wind farm.

Reasons seemed mainly based around the view. The wind turbine would appear approximately 4mm on the horizon.

Other reasons included destroying marine life.

However, the opposition’s suggestions to move it further out (of sight and out of mind), means digging up more of the sea bed for piping thus causing more disruption (to the sea life, not the residents).

Bournemouth was also held in higher regard by the residents and local MPs than other towns that have seen an improvement in their tourism from wind farms.

According to them, the main reason for a huge amount of tourism is our view of the sea and coastline.

Yes, this is a reason but not the sole reason. Tourists come here because it has friendly people, a clean town, lots to do and, most importantly, a seven mile long sandy beach.

If we do not accept renewable energy but continue this disruptive fossil fuel lifestyle our beach (not just our beach huts) will be swept away and that is what will stop tourism.

Every one of my friends has no problem in supporting wind farms so it was very disappointing not to hear this view reflected in the audience or by the MPs who should be concerned for all generations.

I was also frustrated that Navitus themselves did not provide more factual information to the concerns that were raised by the residents as this may have reassured many.

ZOE CHAPMAN, aged 28, Parkwood Road, Southbourne, Bournemouth