I read with more than a little interest and some great concern the banner headline: Daily Echo 28 January 2014 “Traveller Site Fury”.

The elected members, in approving the site for two temporary travellers areas, are understood to be allowing a traveller to remain for up to three months. This will no doubt result in environmental damage and public relations issues to this main access to Poole from all areas west.

The environmental leakage to the immediate area and harbour will need to be addressed by future generations.

I believe Poole’s own planning charter (Planning and Regeneration Services) have been breached with this approval. That was implemented when it is understood the current Mayor was chairman of this planning committee, being Cllr Phil Eades, with responsibility for the charter.

It would be interesting to know what guidance the councillors received from Poole Borough officers in reports or verbally on this matter and with particular regard to: n The environment.

- Access and Highways.

- Security and Health and Safety etc.

- Information on Commercial Industry locally.

I have a gut feeling this issue has not been put to bed, but an internal enquiry is needed as to how issues relating to procedures prior to the meeting on January 27 have been handled by the Borough of Poole.