THERE is no doubt, over the last few months, there has been bickering between Poole Harbour Commissioners, (PHC) which proposes a 900-berth marina, and MDL, which owns Cobbs Quay and wants a 600-berth marina with a road out to sea with car parking for 200 cars.

The locals have already had to put up with the loss of Poole Pottery and the hideous Dolphin Quays building, which was allowed to be brought forward to the Quay by 30 feet when it should have been in line with the Thistle Hotel – then a boat park placed in front of it.

I would think that true locals of this town are fed up with the constant drive of the few to profit from the destruction of this part of Poole Quay and its harbour for the many who come to see it.

We now read (Daily Echo, January 20) if the MDL plan gets the go-ahead, Cobbs Quay could be redeveloped, no doubt with even more luxury waterside housing for the rich.

That really will solve the housing waiting list in Poole for the many.

Of course as with all of these proposals, they use the bait and say it would create jobs – so it would if we were to build on Poole and Hamworthy parks and the Purbeck Hills, but no jobs are worth the destruction by commercialism by the few at the expense of all others.

There is no doubt that we have more than our fair share of boat parks in the Poole area and I suggest PHC and MDL keep their hands off what after all belongs to all of us to enjoy as it is.

MIKE HUNTLEY, Reuben Drive, Hamworthy