BRANSGORE United and Athletico Romsey reserves have been ordered to replay a cup tie – after the match referee sanctioned an extra-time period which should never have taken place.

The teams locked horns in the first round of the Hampshire Saturday Junior A Cup earlier this month.

Ryan Hamm, Chris Binns, Ryan Maxfield and Fabio Amone were on target for Hayward Saturday League Division One outfit Bransgore but they were beaten 5-4 after extra-time by their Southampton Junior Division One opponents.

However, the sides are set to do it all again this weekend as the tie should have gone straight to penalties following the regulation 90 minutes.

Rule 25 of the competition states: “In ties where there is a draw after 90 minutes play, or the agreed time having been played, the match shall be decided by penalty kicks in accordance with rule 38. Extra-time will not be played in any tie.”

The Hampshire FA confirmed they had received a protest from Bransgore and the initial match was now void.

In a statement, Hampshire FA community manager Gary Pratt said: “Following a protest against the result of the Saturday Junior A Cup match between Athletico Romsey reserves and Bransgore United, a cup sub-committee has ordered the match to be replayed on Saturday, October 21.

“The match was concluded after extra-time which is contrary to the rules and, as a result, the tie is to be replayed.”

The victors will make the trip to Capital in the second round.