UNDEFEATED Chris Billam-Smith said he did not mind being known as ‘The Gentleman’ – providing he was not courteous in the ring.

The Bournemouth boxer revealed the nickname had been bestowed on him by his training partners and coach Shane McGuigan.

Billam-Smith is tomorrow set to make his fourth appearance as a professional at the Leicester Arena when he takes on Hungarian Laszlo Ivanyi.

And while his gentlemanly title seems to have caught on, Billam-Smith is hoping to show his aggressive side by securing a fourth consecutive stoppage victory.

The former Stourfield Junior School pupil told the Daily Echo: “There are many worse things to be called!

“It’s apparently because of my mannerisms. It is always good to be seen in that light.

“Shane and the rest of the gym have really gone with it. They have started putting it into programmes and things.

“It’s a little contradictory when it comes to the actual boxing, so it’s something a bit different.

“There was ‘CBS Express’ which was also thrown about but I think we are going to stick with what we have.”

Billam-Smith has enjoyed a blistering start to his professional career with three winning bouts coming in quick succession.

To keep in top condition ahead of his next outing, he took the step to try out cryotherapy – an extreme-cold treatment that is said to reduce injury and increase energy.

The fighter spent three minutes in a chamber at -90 degrees Celsius in London and said he could feel the benefit.

“I am not too bad with the cold. I have had ice baths before but it was the first time I had done the chamber,” added Billam-Smith.

“The first 30 seconds were probably the hardest and then you get used to it. Your body just adapts.

“After back-to-back training camps, I was feeling a bit flat. I went and did that and, the next day, I sparred really well.

“It’s my fourth fight in 11 weeks and things have been busy for me. It’s about staying injury-free. My fitness is there, it’s just about maintaining my sharpness.

“It’s all about the percentage levels you can gain, especially when you start moving up the levels.”

The former Poole ABC man will do battle with 23-year-old Ivanyi live on 5Spike at around 7pm.

The Jászberény-based puncher has won six and lost six of his 12 professional bouts.