PIRATES boss Matt Ford reckons the SGB Premiership could feel the benefits if 'severe cuts' are made to the sport in Poland and Sweden.

British speedway has long been maligned as the poorer version of its continental cousins but Ford believes matters could be set to change.

The Wimborne Road chief reckons a 'trickle' effect could occur from next year which would see some of the shale sport's most talented riders elect to ply their trade on these shores.

Ford told the Daily Echo: "The stronger the Premiership is, the better. Of course, we have the neverending problem of a lack of riders in the sport nowadays and those that have been willing to come to Britain.

"I do believe things are not anywhere near as rosy in Poland and Sweden now and both countries are in the process of making quite severe cuts and should that be the case, that could entice riders back to our shores.

"In terms of their earning potential, it will have quite a severe impact so British speedway may benefit from the changes being made elsewhere."

Ford admitted there was a big discrepancy between the television money received by clubs in the British and Polish top flights.

However, he insists "everything has a life span" and says the door could be opened for riders to look to the UK for their racing.

"Ten or 15 years ago, riders didn't earn a tremendous amount more abroad than they did in the UK," said Ford.

"It's down to contracts and I know the television contract in Poland is worth around £500,000 to each of the top clubs. That is, potentially, eight to 10 times more than we receive.

"If that's the case, people have to understand that riders will go where the money is. It's a human nature thing.

"But things evolve and I can assure you everything has a life span so it's going to be a case of us hoping that if cuts come into place in those countries, I hope it will open the door for many of these guys to return to the UK.

"It won't happen overnight but it will be a trickle from next year onwards."

There are plenty of issues for British speedway bosses to discuss over the winter, including whether rolling averages will be utilised next season.

And Ford admitted he was in favour of that course of action.

He said: "As I see it, the return of the rolling average would be feasible.

"It makes it easier on supporters and promoters alike and I believe common sense will see that return."

Ford is in the process of planning his team for next year. He has already admitted he is hoping to incorporate Polish youngster Kacper Woryna and Dorset charger James Shanes in his septet.

Pirates will hope to win the top-flight crown in the year of their 70th anniversary.