WIMBORNE Town’s Luke Holmes knows there has to be a balance between football and family life – but he is more than happy to combine the two.

The Magpies ace is in an unusual position at the Southern League West side’s Cuthbury headquarters, with father Matty Holmes his manager.

Add in uncle Danny Holmes's coaching role and the former Cherries youngster is part of a set-up which is extremely close to home.

While his Wimborne exploits come under the watchful eye of Matty, it is a love of the Dorset club which makes the midfielder want the squad to progress.

He told the Daily Echo: “I love Wimborne, I was here before my dad!

“When I was at Bournemouth, I went on loan there. I was only 17 when I played under Steve Cuss. Going there changed my game and gave me a lot of confidence.

“I think if my dad had a job anywhere else and he took me with him, it would be a lot harder.

“But because people know me at Wimborne and I have proven myself to be a good player at the club, I think I have that respect.”

Brought back to Cuthbury from Dorchester Town under dad Matty in June 2016, the midfielder admitted while the relationship with his manager could have its difficult moments, he saw his elder as someone he could learn from.

Matty played for the likes of Cherries, West Ham, Blackburn and Charlton during his professional career.

Asked about the footballing relationship he had with his dad, the midfielder replied: “It can be hard sometimes but, overall, I love it to bits, it’s brilliant.

“I think some people would find it hard. It’s hard to have that balance.

“He has been there, done it, and has a lot of respect from people.

“Sometimes it can get a bit heated and he will say things he doesn’t mean! But it does happen because it’s family.

“Say if I was playing under someone else like I have in the past – if they tell you something, you just get on with it.

“Because it’s your family, you can have a little disagreement but that’s just part of it, I suppose.

“I think a lot of the lads would say my dad and my uncle are a lot harder on me than some of the others.”

An FA Trophy preliminary round tie is up next for Magpies.

They make the trip to North Leigh on Saturday (3pm), before also meeting the Yellows in league action a week later.

Asked what a Trophy run would mean for Wimborne, Luke said: “For the club it can be massive for the financial side of things. We really want a good cup run.

“We will have to make sure we are solid because, on paper, it will be a tough game.”