EUROPEAN champion Lukas Nowacki finally added the Ade Gale Laurels to his impressive CV after a series of rostrum places stretching back 12 years.

The Polish star dropped just one point on his way to a notable success at Harbourside Park.

After four rides in challenging conditions, Nowacki and 2016 British champion Ben Mould headed the field on 15 points with Paul Heard and Dawid Bas on 13 and Zac Payne a further half a point behind.

In heat 18, Payne earned victory ahead of Bas to inch in front of his rival overall, while Mould could only manage a point after he and Bas clashed on lap two.

Nowacki only needed three points in heat 20 and the matter was settled when Paul Heard was controversially judged to have moved at the tapes.

Payne made it an Oxford one-two and Mould joined the duo on the rostrum after a run-off victory over Bas.

Result: Lukas Nowacki (Poland & Oxford) 19, Zac Payne (Oxford) 16.5, Ben Mould 16 (Newport), Dawid Bas 16, Matt Smith 14, Paul Heard 13, Ashley Hill 12.5, Brandon Whetton 12, Dean Hook 11, Jay Briggs 11, Maciej Ganczarek 11, Steve Harris 11, Josh Brooks 9, Wil Bristowe 9, Ben Higham 7, Adam Watson 7.