BOURNEMOUTH University student Ed Fossey sealed the BTRDA 1400 Rally Championship with a class win on the demanding Trackrod stages in Yorkshire.

Alongside co-driver Chris Sharpe-Simkiss in his Yokohama Toyota Yaris, the 19-year-old produced a superb drive to clinch the title.

Fossey (pictured) said: “To win the title in our first full year is just brilliant. I feel I have really come on as a driver and the pace from these small-engined cars was unreal.

“We have been building the pace all year and, by the final round, I felt very comfortable on the loose surface.”

In his first full year of rallying, Fossey went into the final stage of the series with the race for the title still in the balance.

Content with second in class, the youngster was elevated into the lead as sparring partner Dave Brick was forced to retire with mechanical problems.

“We were ahead of Dave on the road which meant we ended the stage happy with our performance and how the year went,” added Fossey.

“But when we checked the times we found out Brick hadn’t finished the stage and had retired.

“We were gutted he retired but that meant we secured the win we needed for the title.”