MATT Ford is adamant he will not embrace "teenage moods" at Pirates next year as he begins the process of constructing a new line-up.

The decorated promoter wants the riders named in his septet to have smiles on their faces – and to put the club first.

Ford has stated publicly his intention to hand Polish youngster Kacper Woryna a spot for the 2018 campaign but beyond that his team plans are unknown.

However, the Wimborne Road chief has at least outlined the personality traits he is looking for.

Ford told the Daily Echo: "If there's one thing which has stuck out more than anything this year, it's the value of having a happy team.

"I've got to say that I find it very hard to deal with when things are too demanding from a rider's point of view.

"It becomes very awkward and I just feel that I want whoever it may be to put the club first.

"I struggle with teenage moods at times. I think we are beyond that and I'm not willing to embrace that in the club next year.

"If there's one thing I'm looking for in the personnel who come in, it will be that they are putting Poole Speedway above all others."