CHRIS Park is planning to ask close friend Monty Panesar to pass on some tips to exciting young Bournemouth spin twins Rob Pack and Dom Clutterbuck.

Former England player Panesar is part of the star-studded Lashings team set to take on a Bournemouth Invitational XI at Chapel Gate on Friday.

Park is delighted to see high-profile cricket coming to Dorset and even happier that the local players will get to experience a "different level" of action.

Panesar will be joined by five fellow former England Test players – speedster Martin Bicknell and dashing batsman Usman Afzaal, among them – in a Lashings side featuring an eclectic mix of first-rate performers.

Park told the Daily Echo: "I am looking forward to seeing Monty, my old friend. I roomed with him at Northamptonshire for a couple of years.

"I will introduce him to Dom and Rob. They may only have five minutes with him but they can just talk left-arm spin bowling. To have that knowledge passed on to them; a little trick of the trade, a tip about their spinning grip, their faster ball or slower ball, will be invaluable.

"And having kept wicket to Dom and Rob, and to Monty, there is a definite difference between their deliveries.

"The speed that Monty bowls, and the revolutions he puts on the ball, to spin the ball so fast, is unlike anything in club cricket.

"Club players think of spin bowling as slow lob ups, or slow, flighted deliveries. But if you see Monty Panesar, Graeme Swann or, in one-day cricket now, Moeen Ali, they bowl at 55-56mph, which is pretty fast.

"There are not many slow lob ups going on in that cricket. So that will be something for our batsmen to experience as well, Monty firing the ball in and spinning it past their outside edge."

Park is not playing in the game but he confirmed top-order craftsman Luke Matthews would further bolster Bournemouth's representation among the home team.

While Matthews will have a job on his hands trying to repel an attack boasting 488 Test wickets in its ranks, Lashings' collection of batters aren't too shoddy either.

Indian opener Wasim Jaffer brings five Test hundreds to the party, Kirk Edwards of the West Indies has scored two tons in the ultimate form of the game and England's Chris Lewis, responsible for 93 of those wickets, has also hit a Test century.

"There are some really recognisable, world-class cricketers who the public can be excited about seeing," continued Park.

"Local club cricketers putting their techniques and games up against professionals will discover it is a different level.

"When you face Monty Panesar, or bowl against a Test batsman, there is absolutely no room for error. They hit the ball so hard in the professional game now – and the fast bowlers are so much quicker.

"You get found out very quickly and all those Lashings players will still be able to play a decent game of cricket, for sure."