AMERICAN investor Matt Hulsizer has targeted the Premier League title during his stint at Cherries – but reckons Maxim Demin might prefer the Champions League crown.

Hulsizer, chief executive of Chicago-based investment company PEAK6, acquired a 25 per cent chunk of Cherries from Russian owner Maxim Demin in October.

Petrochemicals tycoon Demin’s investment has been rewarded by the Dorset’s club’s remarkable ascent to the top flight with Hulsizer adding to the club’s financial clout.

And Hulsizer, first introduced to the club by ex-chairman Trevor Watkins some years ago, insists he is in it for the long haul with English football’s ultimate prize top of his agenda.

Hulsizer said: “I think we are going to be in this club for a long time. I’d like to see us win the Premier League then I think we will probably reassess after we do that.

“I’d say this club could go as far as it wants to. One of the great things that has happened in English football, the way the Premier League is structured, the teams share the revenue.

“All of a sudden, a team like Manchester United can’t outspend us 10-to-one or 20-to-one so when we go on the pitch against them, it is a much more competitive game as we showed, because we beat them.

“It would not have been possible 10 or 15 years ago, for sure, so how good can Bournemouth be? My expectations are a lot higher.

“I am ambitious and the great thing is my partner Max (Demin) is equally ambitious. I don’t know whether he would rather win the Champions League or the Premier League but for sure, one of those two would be his ambition, as (it is) mine.”

Meanwhile, Hulsizer hailed Eddie Howe as “the best manager in the league” and declared that Cherries had got “everybody on our list” so far in the January transfer window.

Asked about Howe, Hulsizer added: “I think he is the brightest manager. We have the best manager in the league, that’s clear and the great thing is he is here for a long time.

“He’s from here, he loves it here. Anybody would love to have him but he’s not going anywhere and that’s the best thing you can have as a Bournemouth fan.”

On the club’s transfer business, Hulsizer said: “The people we targeted, everybody on our list, we got.

“When you get what you want in sport, you have to be happy with that. I think we got the three best people for our needs going forward so I expect good things from us for the rest of the year.”

Hulsizer, who took in the home defeat to West Ham United on a recent visit, added: “We watch every game on TV.

“I would like to get to more games, our goal is to get over here as often as we can to see the games live and be with the fans and the team but if we can’t make it, we’re going to watch on TV.”

Hulsizer was talking to the club website.