WINGER Marc Pugh has credited Big Brother’s all-seeing eye with adding an incisive element to Cherries’ attacking play.

The 27-year-old, a regular first-team presence throughout his four-year stint at Dean Court, revealed his belief that sophisticated performance analysis techniques – including the filming of training sessions – had sharpened the side’s cutting edge.

Having signed from Hereford United during Eddie Howe’s first spell as manager, Pugh’s personal progress has kept pace with the club’s rapid ascent, culminating with last season’s top-half finish in the Championship.

And the wily wideman pinpointed the methodology implemented by Howe and his backroom staff as a key factor in the squad’s development – individually and collectively.

Pugh told the Daily Echo: “We record our training sessions and the gaffer will always watch it back so it is becoming a big part of what we do.

“Whether it’s something good or something that needs improving, he always encourages you to take a look. The big screen is always available to play back sessions as and when you want to.

“I think it’s brilliant. Things are constantly changing round the place and the whole environment is geared up to improving everything we do. As a player it’s a great benefit to have so much feedback.

“We’ve got the technology these days to look at everything from pass completion, successful crosses, where and when we’re giving away the ball and I believe looking at it really helps your game.

“As a wideman, I always had it in my mind that I should beat my opponent and cross the ball, but since I have been here I have learned to look for the spare body on the pitch rather than just going for the obvious option.

“Seeing it back makes you more aware. You start to see the pictures in your mind when you’re out on the pitch and it makes you think twice before rushing a decision or possibly giving away the ball.

“It has helped all of us to spot things and our play round the box has improved a hell of a lot. We created more chances at the back end of last season and this has played a big part in that.”