ROBBIE Hemmings struck gold five times to lead a 49-medal haul for Poole swimmers at the COBEXE Open Meet in Bristol's Olympic-size Hengrove Park pool.

The nine-year-old Dorset age group champion recorded four personal best times as he won the 50m butterfly (40.28), backstroke (40.23) and freestyle (36.05) and the 200m backstroke (3:02.90) and freestyle (2:53.92).

He was denied a sixth gold as he finished second in the 200m individual medley (3:15.34).

Jasmine Holmes ticked all the boxes as she slashed more than a second off her personal best (2.07.94) in the 15/o 200m freestyle.

The time not only won her the gold medal but also broke the club record and qualified her to swim the event at the National Youth Championships. She won a second gold in the 100m freestyle (1:00.20).

Ollie Weston also scooped two golds, winning the 13yrs 100 and 200m breaststroke (1:20.38, 2:59.72) as well as coming third in the 100m backstroke (1:15.46) and 200m individual medley (2:38.55).

Jasmine McCrea, Guy Selwood, Morgan Hiles, Nick Burovs and Jasmine Oliver-House each visited the top step of the podium.

Twelve-year-old McCrea's gold in the 200m butterfly (2:55.25) not only qualified her for her 11th event at the regional championships but topped a five-medal haul tally which included silver in the 200m breaststroke (3:12.64), 400m freestyle (5:03.99) and 400m individual medley (5:52.20) and bronze in the 200m freestyle (2:26.17).

Hiles won at least one medal of each colour - gold in the 11yrs 200m backstroke (2:54.54), silver in the 50 and 200m freestyle (33.62, 2:33.54) and bronze in the 50m backstroke (39.95).

Selwood took gold in the 10yrs 200m breaststroke (3:26.56) and bronze in the 50m butterfly (37.61).

Gold and bronze also went to Burovs in the 12yrs 50 and 100m breaststroke respectively (42.47, 1:34.35).

Oliver-House's gold came in the 14yrs 200m butterfly (2:49.42).

Summer Torkington returned to Poole with five medals - silver from the 100m freestyle and 400m individual medley (1:08.92, 5:46.95) and bronze in the 100m breaststroke (1:30.62), 200m individual medley (2:44.64) and 400m freestyle (5:07.10).

Tiara Cheney won silver in the 10yrs 50m freestyle (38.24) and backstroke (41.85) and bronze in the 200m back (3:11.99).

The same combination of medals went to 13-year-olds Matthew Cochrane for his second and third places in the 400m individual medley (4:39.34) 400m freestyle (5:00.25), and Raf Packham for his swims in the 50m backstroke (35.55) and butterfly (34.53).

Keiran Duffy took silver in the 10yrs 50m backstroke (42.57) while Thea O'Keefe was second in the 13yrs 100m back (1:16.07).

Bronze also went to Holly Trowbridge in the 11yrs 200m freestyle (2:43.82) and breaststroke (3:36.60), Teagan Graham in the 12yrs 100m freestyle (1:09.37), Allanah Smithson in the 13yrs 200m breast (3:04.99) and Inez Griffin in the 15/o 100m breaststroke (1:17.65).

  • Max Weeks was Seagulls' leading medallist at Bristol with seven golds and a silver.

His wins came in the 50, 200 and 400m freestyle (29.67, 2:25.90, 5:34.74), 50 and 200m butterfly (34.39, 3:00.12), 50m breaststroke (43.44) and 200m medley (2:49.57).

Team-mate Amy Mills won silver in the 100 and 200m breaststroke (1:25.73, 3:02.78) while Kai Weeks came second in the 50m breaststroke (51.84).