FORMER Cherries chairman Eddie Mitchell has scotched speculation that he could take control of ailing Conference club Salisbury City and reiterated his dedication to Poole Town.

The Sandbanks-based property developer last week met with Whites chairman William Harrison-Allan, prompting talk of a buyout after the Wiltshire club publicised their need for investment.

But Mitchell, who acquired a two-year option to purchase a majority shareholding in Poole Town in December, has stated that the discussions centred round the potential for development at City’s Raymond McEnhill Stadium.

Mitchell, who last week made public his plans to redevelop Poole Stadium and secure Dolphins' return to the ground, added that the regeneration of several football stadiums could be on his agenda, but insisted any projects would have no effect on his involvement with the Dorset outfit.

Explaining his negotiations at Salisbury, Mitchell told the Daily Echo: “It was put to me as a development opportunity and one that I have looked at closely.

“I still have the possibilities in my mind but as for buying Salisbury City to fund or to run it, I have no interest at all.

"I’m tied in to Poole and that’s where I want to put in all my effort. I can assure people that my sole aim is to get Poole Town a full-time stadium.

“If it was put to me that there was a development opportunity (at Salisbury) and moving closer to that would maybe involve buying the club then it might pass through my hands to somebody else, but I wouldn’t want to travel all that way.

“I have travelled the country looking at football grounds, many in prime locations and under-developed, and that’s where I think my strength will be. There are so many in the hearts of cities and towns that could do with regenerating.

“The opportunity (to develop at Salisbury) is there whether it is for me or anybody else. I can see that it is ripe for development without wishing to frighten people that the club is going to disappear under a load of houses because that isn’t the idea.

“I have my own ideas of what could be done there like I would with any other piece of land. I met the chairman last week and chatted about various possibilities.

“But as much as I like Salisbury and wish them well, I have no interest in the football side of it, it’s purely for development.

"I don’t want another football club, my sole aim in football is to develop Poole Stadium and to help Poole Town.”