PAUL Miller said his inability to give enough attention to matters at Wimborne Town had prompted his decision to stand down as chairman.

The Cuthbury chief yesterday announced he would relinquish the position at the end of the season due to family and business commitments.

Miller, a Magpies director for the past nine years, will stand down from the club’s board altogether a year after taking the reins from predecessor Ken Stewart.

Explaining his decision, Miller told the Daily Echo: “The football club takes up 20-30 hours of my working week and with family and business commitments I just don’t have the time to give anymore.

“Even getting to games has become very pressurised so I would rather step aside. If I can’t do the job properly then I would rather not do it at all.

“Wimborne is a very well-run club and I have been there as a point of guidance but to some extent I felt like I was beginning to fail.

“I couldn’t afford the time and certain things which needed direction were let go. I felt I couldn’t do what was necessary to take the club to the next level.”

Miller went on to predict a bright future for Wimborne under manager Steve Cuss and added his imminent departure could entice “fresh blood” to the helm.

He continued: “I am confident the club is in very good hands and me standing down is by no means a disaster, it’s possibly the beginning of a new chapter.

“By stepping down, maybe I have given people the opportunity to take up the position who wouldn’t have wanted to had I been involved. It could open new doors.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better manager than Steve Cuss. His work ethos is phenomenal and I hope he continues to develop players and take the club forward like he has from the start.”