PIRATES star Kyle Newman says British speedway’s new reserve rules have provided him with even greater motivation to score big in the Elite League this season.

Reserves will not face any of an opposing side’s top three in their four programmed rides, a ruling brought in to prevent low-average riders becoming easy meat for top-order chargers.

However, Poole-born Newman and fellow Pirates reserve Lee Smart may come up against the heavy scorers in reserve change races or even heat 15, if they rack up enough points beforehand.

And while 22-year-old Newman admits to mixed feelings over the new ruling, he believes it will encourage him to perform even better.

He told the Daily Echo: “Admittedly I wanted to go up against the big boys as that is what we’re in the Elite League to do and that is my aim – you have to aim to beat the best.

“I was happy and sad about the new rules – happy because it will give me a chance to score more points and I’ve got to take advantage of the so-called easier races because more points equals more money.

“But at the same time, the chance to ride against the likes of Niels-Kristian Iversen and Tai Woffinden is now going to be dependent on reserve change races. In that respect I’m a little bit gutted, but there are lots of British boys that have been given an opportunity and they have got to welcome it with open arms.

“It gives you an even bigger incentive to ride that much harder and get the points and be involved in the reserve change races.”

While Newman has great memories from last season’s grand final victory over Birmingham, the youngster is keen to progress his career having accomplished one of his key goals.

He said: “To win the Elite League with Poole was the boyhood dream, but now I’ve done the dream bit it’s time to knuckle down.

“I’ve still got further ambitions in the sport and there’s a lot of hard work to be done.

“I don’t like saying what my targets are or what I feel I’m capable of as I think that’s tempting fate but I do feel confident that I can improve on a three-point average.

“I’m working hard on the machinery, on fitness and all aspects of the sport to try and make that happen.”