GARY Havelock is poised for a busy few days ahead of his farewell meeting at Wimborne Road on Friday.

The British legend will on Thursday meet fans and sign autographs at Beales in the Dolphin Centre (12noon-2pm).

A speedway bike will be on display in the department store all week, as well as posters promoting the event.

Havelock said: “What better place to promote my meeting than in the centre of Poole?

“It is nice to know that people can come in and say ‘hello’ during those two hours on Thursday.

“I hope to see lots of speedway fans and shake a lot of hands.”

The former Poole rider will also turn out at Wimborne Road on Wednesday evening following Pirates’ press day.

He will be interviewed by presenter Nigel Leahy, with members of the 2014 team also in attendance.

An appearance on Chris Evans’ Radio 2 breakfast show on Friday will top off an eventful lead-up to the farewell meeting.

“It’s going to be a very hectic few days,” said Havelock.

“Everything is just about in place. It’s getting really exciting now and I’m sure that there will be plenty to think about before the last race on Friday.”

The meeting begins at 7.30pm with former world champions Tony Rickardsson and Mark Loram managing opposing teams.

Confirmed riders: Antonio Lindback, Chris Holder, Darcy Ward, Greg Hancock, Freddie Lindgren, Scott Nicholls, Maciej Janowski, Chris Harris, Bjarne Pedersen, Craig Cook, Davey Watt, Vaclav Milik, Ty Proctor, Richie Worrall.