SWIM Bournemouth’s Jay Lelliott took Dorset men’s swimming into new waters as he set his fourth and fifth county records in nine days.

Just a week after recording three long-course records at the British University Champion-ships in Sheffield, the Bath University student added two short-course marks to his tally in the county championships at Littledown.

The best came in the 200m butterfly, which he won in 1:56.95 – an improvement of two seconds on his own county record and almost four seconds on his senior championship mark. The time is worth 814 on the GB points scale – the only swim in the champion-ships higher than 740 with only the distance events to go.

Lelliott’s winning 200m free-style time of 1:50.14 also knocked a second off the county and championship records – though the 19-year-old found it “annoying” that he failed to break 1min 50sec. He also won the senior 200m backstroke title from team-mate Alan Wong.

Lelliott’s efforts led a flurry of record-breaking with almost five times as many competition best times (CBTs) as fell during the championships’ first weekend.

Bournemouth Collegiate School’s Zak Aitchison set senior, junior and 15yrs CBTs as he won the men’s 100m breaststroke in 1:06.57. He also won the junior 50m breaststroke and butterfly as the senior titles respectively went to Poole’s Noah Vides in a championship record and 17/o CBT of 30.29 and Seagulls’ Harry Thorpe.

Two championship records fell in the girls’ 200m backstroke with Poole’s Emily Clarke, 16, toppling the senior mark with 2:15.67 and Swim Bournemouth’s Harriet Perfect, 13, setting junior figures with 2:18.79.

Clarke’s time was the highest-rated female swim of the weekend, worth 692 points.

Beth Aitchison (BCS) completed her monopoly of the women’s breaststroke and individual medley events with 16yrs CBTs of 1:11.08 and 5:00.60 in the 100m breast and 400m IM and the senior gold in the 50m breast.

Amy Brown (Swim Bournemouth) set her second and third age group CBTs with wins – by nine and 11 seconds – in the 9yrs 50m breaststroke (43.59) and 200m freestyle (2:42.29).

She was also inside the CBT in the 200m backstroke but had to settle for silver behind BCS’s Claudia Ashford, whose 2:57.70 gave her the CBT.

Age group CBTs also fell to Poole’s Jacob Peters in the 13yrs 200m butterfly (2:19.38), Swim Bournemouth’s Jemma Green in the 13yrs 200m freestyle (2:08.77), Seagulls’ Nathan Gerrard in the 10yrs 100m breaststroke (1:33.57) and BCS 12-year-olds Jack Arnell in the 400m medley (5:09.55) and Finn Trehane in the 50m breaststroke (36.29).

Poole’s Jasmine Holmes won senior and junior titles in the girls’ 200m freestyle, a feat emulated by Swim Bournemouth’s Jess Richens in the 200m butterfly and Ben Wickens in the men’s 400m medley.

Junior titles also went to Poole’s Madison Kemp in the 100m breaststroke and 50m butterfly and Swim Bournemouth’s Katy Hebditch in the 50 breaststroke and Lucy Brain in the 400m medley.

Seagulls’ Andrew Botros won the junior 200m backstroke and butterfly while Swim Bournemouth’s Jack Simpkins won the junior 200m freestyle.

Swim Bournemouth won four of the six remaining relays with Poole winning the women’s 4x100m freestyle and Seagulls the girls’ 12/u 4x50m freestyle.

Dorset county championship medallists – Female, 200m freestyle. Snr: 1 Jasmine Holmes (P), 2 Emily Clarke (P), 3 Jemma Green (SB). Jnr: 1 Holmes, 2 Green, 3 Eve Goldsack (S).

200m backstroke. Snr: 1 Emily Clarke (P), 2 Harriet Perfect (SB), 3 Grace Kingsley (BCS). Jnr: 1 Perfect, 2 Kingsley, 3 Jemma Green (SB).

50m breaststroke. Snr: 1 Beth Aitchison (BCS), 2 Katy Hebditch (SB), 3 Lily Young (TSD). Jnr: 1 Hebditch, 2 Young, 3 Izzy Pryce (SB).

100m breaststroke. Snr: 1 Beth Aitchison (pictured) (SB), 2 Madison Kemp (P), 3 Katy Hebditch (SB). Jnr: 1 Kemp, 2 Hebditch, 3 Izzy Price (SB).

50m butterfly. Snr: 1 Emily Clarke (P), 2 Madison Kemp (P), 3 Jenny Scott (TSD). Jnr: 1 Kemp, 2 Bethan O’Hara (S), Jessica Richens (SB).

200m butterfly. Snr: 1 Jessica Richens (SB), 2 Emily Clarke (P), 3 Eve Goldsack (S). Jnr: 1 Richens, 2 Goldsack, 3 Zoe Gannaway (S).

400m individual medley. Snr: 1 Beth Aitchison (SB), 2 Lucy Brain (SB), 3 Madison Kemp (P). Jnr: 1 Brain, 2 Kemp, 3 Jess Richens (SB).

Male, 200m freestyle. Snr: 1 Jay Lelliott (SB), 2 Oscar Esposti (SB), 3 Alan Wong (SB). Jnr: 1 Jack Simpkins (SB), 2 Zak Aitchison (BCS), 3 Ben Wickens (SB).

200m backstroke. Snr: 1 Jay Lelliott (SB), 2 Alan Wong (SB), 3 Oscar Esposti (SB). Jnr: 1 Andrew Botros (S), 2 Henry Bramwell-Reeks (BCS), 3 Jacob Peters (P).

50m breaststroke. Snr: 1 Noah Vides (pictured below) (P), 2 Jamie Holmes (BCS), 3 Zak Aitchison (BCS). Jnr: 1 Aitchison, 2 Ben Wickens (SB), 3 Alex Price (P).

100m breaststroke. Snr: 1 Zak Aitchison (BCS), 2 Noah Vides (P), 3 Jamie Holmes (BCS). Jnr: 1 Aitchison, 2 Ben Wickens (SB), Alex Price (P).

50m butterfly. Snr: 1 Harry Thorpe (S), 2 Cianan Mann (S), 3 Oscar Esposti (SB). Jnr: 1 Zak Aitchison (BCS), 2 Ben WickenS (SB), Jack Simpkins (SB).

200m butterfly. Snr: 1 Jay Lelliott (SB), 2 Andrew Botros (S), 3 Ben Wickens (SB). Jnr: 1 Botros, 2 Wickens, 3 Jacob Peters (P).

400m individual medley. Snr: 1 Ben Wickens (SB), 2 Todd Price (P), 3 Andrew Botros (S). Jnr: 1 Wickens, 2 Botros, 3 Henry Bramwell-Reeks (BCS).

Key to clubs: BCS=Bournemouth Collegiate School, P=Poole, S=Seagulls, SB=Swim Bournemouth, TSD=Tornadoes of South Dorset.

  •  Full age group results at www.dorsetasa.org.
  •  Robbie Hemmings is basking in a golden glow after a sporting weekend to remember.

On Saturday the Poole nine-year-old won two gold medals and a silver in the Dorset championships at Littledown.

Next morning he turned out for his football club Rossgarth, scored a hat-trick in a 6-3 victory and was named man of the match.

Then it was back to Littledown, where he collected the Bagcats award for the top nine-year-old boy in the championships.

  •  Seagulls’ Kathy Rogers, 15, was presented with an achievement certificate by Dorset ASA president Gerry Griffin recognising her selection for Britain’s junior water polo team.

The youngest member of the GB 17/u squad scored on her international debut in the European Junior Championships.

  •  Swim Bournemouth scored more than twice as many points as any other club to win the top club award.

Poole regained second place after leapfrogging a Seagulls squad shorn of their Bournemouth Collegiate School comrades since last year’s championships.

BCS were fourth in the first championships as an independent team.

Overall points: 1 Swim Bournemouth 3232, 2 Poole 1420, 3 Seagulls 1292, 4 Bournemouth Collegiate School 1017, 5 West Dorset 352, 6 Tornadoes of South Dorset 291, 7 Bridport Barracudas 193, 8 Clayesmore 191, 9 North Dorset Turboes 148, 10 Weymouth 90, 11 Wareham 66, 12 Blandford 30, 13 Bournemouth SC 21 pts.