VICE-CHAIRMAN Chris Reeves hailed Eddie Mitchell’s influence in aiding Poole Town’s lengthy quest to return to their “spiritual home”.

Reeves revealed Dolphins officials had previously held fruitless talks with Stadia UK, the operators of Poole Stadium, over a move back to the facility the club were booted out of some 20 years ago.

However, with Mitchell’s plans for regeneration entering the equation, the long-serving Poole director believes a return will prove a much more tantalising prospect this time round.

Reeves told the Daily Echo: “We have had a very good relationship with Stadia UK and held two or three meetings since leaving Poole Stadium to explore the possibility of going back.

“None of those ever gave us any real hope that it was a viable prospect. Previously, it was just a case of what the stadium could provide for us.

“We didn’t have much to offer the stadium, but with Eddie going in with his greater plans we are now in a position to start talking about what we can offer in return.

“Eddie is the new factor which causes me to be optimistic that, this time, the discussions with Stadia UK will bear fruit.

“We’re certainly not going into it with trepidation and I am very enthusiastic about what the next few months may hold. It is very exciting because the stadium is our spiritual home.”

Meanwhile, Reeves added that Mitchell’s negotiations had the unanimous support of the Dolphins board.

He said: “We have been fully involved every step of the way and everyone has been very enthusiastic. The board is 100 per cent behind what Eddie is trying to do.”