CHERRIES goalkeeper Lee Camp wants to put a dampener on his big mate’s birthday bash.

Camp struck up a firm friendship with Leicester captain Wes Morgan during their time together at Nottingham Forest.

Defender Morgan is set to lead the Championship table-toppers when they face Cherries at Dean Court tomorrow (3pm).

And after celebrating his 30th birthday earlier this month, Morgan is due to have a belated party following the clash.

Camp told the Daily Echo: “We were together at Forest and are really close friends. A group of us go on holiday every year. Wes is a fantastic player and has been a rock for Leicester for the two years he has been there.

“I am looking forward to seeing him. It is his birthday weekend as well so it would be nice to try to spoil his party. I think there is a celebration but I am unable to attend, which is unfortunate. But I will have a little something wait-ing for him when he gets here.

“They are looking like a runa-way train at the moment. I have spoken to Wes and he says they have learned from last season’s experience.

“They have been together for a couple of years, they have experience at this level, they try to play the right way and, the one thing they have got more than anyone, is goals.

“They are a real force but we will do our research on them and prepare correctly as we always do. We will try to stop them and impose ourselves on the game.”

Camp, who made his move permanent this month following a successful loan spell, has been a key figure as Cherries have start-ed to adjust to the Championship.

Asked whether one clean sheet in 15 appearances was a source of annoyance, he replied: “Every goalkeeper wants to keep clean sheets but you have to accept the way we play and we are very expansive. At times, you have to accept that to get what we want going forward, we might have to leave ourselves a little open and we are always vulnerable to counter-attacks. I would like to keep a lot more clean sheets but if we are winning and doing well that is the most important thing.

“When you speak to players you know, they really respect what we try to do and I know from talking to friends who play for teams we have played, their game-plan has been to try to stop us playing, which is the ultimate sign of respect for me.”

As an ex-Forest and Derby player, Camp was asked whether he thought he would get any stick from Leicester followers: “You can never say never but I can’t foresee there being too much. Maybe my past history might give me a bit but I get a bit most weeks so it is water off a duck’s back!”